Blocking categories

Use the My Account > Category BlacklistBlocking a particular entity's access to your inventory from the Ad Exchange. A blacklist will allow new entities by default whereas a whitelist will block new entities by default. subtab to specify (at the account-level) the categories to block from consideration when bidding on ad inventoryAd space available on a website or app. The basic unit of inventory for OpenX is an ad unit. in OpenX Ad Exchange.

To block categories:

  1. Click the My Account tab.

  2. Click the Category Blacklist tab.

  3. Click in the Category Blacklist field and select the categories that you want to block from consideration for your account. By default, OpenX Ad Exchange blocks the following categories:

    • Adult (All)

    • Firearms & Weapons (All)

    • Gambling (All)

    • Tobacco & Smoking (All)

    • Not Classified

  4. Click Save. If you want to remove a category from the list, click the x for the category and then click Save.

Note: These account-level category blacklist settings are the default settings for all of your account's line items. You can use category targeting to customize a category blacklist for individual line items.