HTTP headers - OpenRTB

Last updated on June 26, 2018

OpenX Ad Exchange sets the following HTTP headers in each bid request:

Header type


X-OpenX-Id Contains the value of id in the User object of the bid requestWhen OpenX Ad Exchange receives an ad request, it sends a communication containing details about the impression to selected real-time bidders to solicit bids for it.
X-OpenX-RtbReal-time bidding, auctioning online inventory within an ad exchange. Buyers bid for the impression based on the value of the user, whereas the seller sets pricing floors and awards the impression to the highest bidder. The auction process takes place in milliseconds, which is why the process is referred to as “real-time.” Contains the value of buyeruid in the User object of the bid request
x-openrtb-version Contains the OpenRTB version of the bid request, such as "2.5"
Content-Encoding Indicates the request's compression method (if any), such as "gzip"

Note: This header (if populated) indicates that the request will need to be decompressed and the type of compression used.

Accept-Encoding Indicates the accepted options of compression in bid responses, such as "gzip"

Note: Compressed responses are not required.


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