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Pmp object

Last updated on August 26, 2015


The Imp object can contain a Pmp object, which describes deals eligible for impressions.

If the Pmp object is sent, its fields are always sent.

Pmp object

Field name Data type Description Sent?
deals array (Deal object)

A collection of deal objects, each describing eligible deal terms for this impressionA single display of an ad on a web page, mobile app, or other delivery medium. For deals, impression is a metric to relay the total number of ads that have served. See also billable impression, forecasted impressions. opportunity

private_auction integer

Indicates a private auction restricted to certain seats (1) or that all bids are accepted (0)

If the BidRequest contains any MatchingAdIds objects that do not have an associated deal, then private_auction will be 0; otherwise, private_auction will be 1 (only deal bids are accepted).


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