How reporting works in OpenX

Last updated on April 18, 2017

OpenX calculates and maintains data for your ad serving events and transactions, and allows you to access it through various reports, which you can generate for a specific timeframe. This timeframe can be fixed, where you specify exact start and end dates for the report, or relative, where you select an option such as Today, Last Month, or Year to Date. Then you can either download the report, or view it within the OpenX user interface.

OpenX is IAB certified for ad impressions, clicks, rich mediaAd technology that features more refined images as well as audio and video in the ad. Rich media ads frequently allow visitors to interact with a banner without leaving the page on which it appears (e.g., movie ads that expand and play a trailer on the host page)., and video measurements. Some of the reports that you generate include unfiltered real-time data, which is then corrected with clean IAB-certified data if needed, while other reports only ever contain clean IAB-certified data.

In most cases, the "close of books" for reporting data (total numbers for a day or month) should be complete and ready to use after the last hour of that day or month is published from trued-up data. Generally, this is about 4-6 hours after midnight in the instance time zone. To confirm the availability of the reporting data, check the System Status.

At a minimum, only OpenX users with the Reporting Delivery user capability can access reports. Reporting is part of most of the default roles included with OpenX. In addition, a user's primary account typeIndicates the intended purpose of an account, which determines what objects it can contain and influences what users logged in to the account can do in OpenX. For example, advertiser accounts contain orders, publisher accounts contain inventory, and ad networks contain other accounts. dictates the types of reports that they can generate, and the columns within the reports that they may see.

What about currency differences?

Any Ad Exchange revenue that originates in a different currency is converted to U.S. dollars (USD) at the time of the auction, and is reported in USD. OpenX obtains exchange rates from a third party service that updates exchange rates daily. Those exchange rates are used by the OpenX Ad Exchange until the next update.

This topic applies to Ad Server. This topic applies to Ad Exchange. This topic applies to Programmatic Direct. This topic applies to SSP. Most SSP activities are completed by OpenX.