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Last updated on November 1, 2017

OpenX Ad Exchange provides the SSRTB Tester for verifying your RTBReal-time bidding, auctioning online inventory within an ad exchange. Buyers bid for the impression based on the value of the user, whereas the seller sets pricing floors and awards the impression to the highest bidder. The auction process takes place in milliseconds, which is why the process is referred to as “real-time.” implementation.

This tool simulates an ad requestCommunication from a web browser or app to an ad server to display an ad. and subsequent BidRequest from Ad Exchange to make sure that your bidding application is working properly.

To test your application:

  1. Open the SSRTB Tester in your web browser: http://bid.openx.net/ssrtb_tester/.

    OpenX SSRTB Tester

  2. Select the Testing Profile that matches the inventoryAd space available on a website or app. The basic unit of inventory for OpenX is an ad unit. you'd like to test, or select the ImpressionA single display of an ad on a web page, mobile app, or other delivery medium. For deals, impression is a metric to relay the total number of ads that have served. See also billable impression, forecasted impressions. Type directly and fill in the other fields as appropriate. Currently, BannerThis is an ad that appears on a web page which is typically hyperlinked to an advertiser’s website. Banners can be images (GIF, JPEG, PNG), JavaScript programs or multimedia objects (For example, Java). Web and Video testing profiles are available.

    Based on your choice, the Impression Type drop-down updates. The SSRTB Tester populates values that correspond to your selected inventory type, like common ad sizes for the chosen inventory.

  3. In the Endpoint field, type in the URL where you want Ad Exchange to send bid requests (the real-time bid URL). In this case, Ad Exchange will send a BidRequest to this URL.
  4. The Protocol field indicates your SSRTB protocol. Ensure openrtb_json is selected. Learn more about the OpenX OpenRTB implementation.

  5. Enter appropriate values for any required fields in the SSRTB tester and for optional fields that you want Ad Exchange to include in the test BidRequest.

  6. Click Go.

The SSRTB Tester sends a test OpenRTB BidRequest message via the BidRequest.test field.

Your application should then return a BidResponse message to make sure that it's set up and working correctly.

If your application returns an error message, learn more by reading the error_reason row in the AuctionResult table.


Field name Data type Description Required?
clearing_price_micros int64

If the bid won the auction, then this field indicates the actual price that the bidder paid for the impression. This value is expressed in CPMCost per mille, a pricing method which calculates cost based on the number of impressions (per 1000). micros using the currency set for your account. For example, a value of 1,250,000 CPM micros equals $1.25.

error_reason string

If there was an error processing the bid, this field provides one of the following reasons:

. There was an error resolving the endpoint domain.

  • ERROR_CONNECT. An error occurred while establishing the HTTP connection.

  • ERROR_RECEIVE. An error occurred while receiving the response.

  • ERROR_PARSE. An error occurred while parsing the response.

  • TIMEOUT. The original bid was not received (it timed out).

  • ERROR_UNKNOWN. Some other, unknown error occurred.

loss_reason string

If the result of the bid is a loss, this field provides one of the following reasons:

  • disqualification. The bid was filtered out (for example, if the advertiser was blocked).

  • price
. The bid price was insufficient to win the auction.

matching_ad_id AdId

This structure will be the same as the one in the appropriate response message.

status enum (AuctionStatus)

An enumeration that indicates if the bid won or lost the auction or if an error occurred. Possible values include:

  • 1 (win). The bidder won the auction.

  • 2 (loss). The bidder lost the auction.

  • 3 (error). An error occurred in processing the bid.

winning_bid_micros int64

If the result of the bid is a loss, this field indicates the bid price that actually won the auction. This value is expressed in CPM micros for your account currency.

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