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Synchronizing user data

Last updated on June 1, 2016

Ad Exchange does the following to help synchronize your user data for real-time bidding:

  • Stores information you provide about each user.

  • Provides a user ID for you to store.

You can invoke user synchronizationA process by which a mapping is established between your cookied users, those of the OpenX Ad Exchange, and the advertisers who participate in the OpenX Ad Exchange. This mapping enables all parties in the advertising value chain to identify a user across different systems. by dropping the appropriate pixel yourself and you can request Ad Exchange to do this for you.

To drop pixels, create a simple image pixel and invoke one of the following URLs:

If Ad Exchange drops pixels for you, provide the appropriate URL to be wrapped in an image pixel to be maintained by Ad Exchange. Templates for URLs along with your partner ID are available on the Real-time Bid Settings subtab of your My Account tab.

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