Real-time bidding (RTB) setup

Last updated on September 27, 2018

To participate as a real-time bidder in Ad Exchange, you need to:

  1. Build your buyerA company that pays a demand partner to purchase ad inventory on OpenX Ad Exchange. application. See Real-time bidding for specifications.

  2. Ensure that your account is configured for real-time bidding, and set real-time bidding-specific settings for it.

    An administrator must configure your account to support real-time bidding; otherwise, Ad Exchange will not consider your account for bid requests.

    You must then set the following real-time bidding preferences for your account on the My Account tab (you will not see this tab unless your account is configured for real-time bidding):

  3. Create at least one traffic set for real-time bidding.

    For each real-time bidding traffic set, you must specify the following settings:

    • Name. The name of the traffic set

    • Bid Type. The type of bid for this traffic set; for real-time bidding traffic sets, choose SSRTB

    • Budget. The amount of money to spend for the traffic set per day or in total

    • Budget Spend Rate. Choose to spend the budget as quickly as possible (either daily or in total) or evenly (per day or in total)

    All other traffic set settings are optional.

  4. You must implement clickurl or clickurl_enc macros in your ad code so that OpenX can accurately track clicks and maintain the quality of inventoryAd space available on a website or app. The basic unit of inventory for OpenX is an ad unit. in the Ad Exchange.

Tip: If you need to limit the number of bid requests, work with your OpenX Platform Development Manager to identify specific categories to target. Currently, this is the only method to limit queries per second (QPSQueries per second, a measurement of bid request traffic volume. Higher QPS corresponds to more bid requests. Demand Partners can set QPS limits for RTB endpoints and traffic sets, depending on endpoint server capacity and how much traffic they want to receive.).

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