Home page

Last updated on April 18, 2017

When you first log in to OpenX Ad Exchange, the Home page is displayed. Use this tab to view various performance metrics for your orders, line items, and ads, including:

  • Click the calendar icon to select a date range for the metrics (your account manager can configure its default setting).

    Date ranges are based on the instance time zone. For example, if your instance time zone is Eastern Standard Time (EST), metrics are displayed in EST even if you are located in the Pacific Standard Time (PST) time zone.

  • You can include multiple metrics in the graph. For example, click Total Impressions and Spend to view both of these metrics in the graph.

  • The Current Campaigns table displays the status of your line items with their specific performance metrics. You can export the table to Excel, CSV, or PDF.

Note: Information displayed on the Home page depends on your account configuration.