Server-to-server ad calls

Last updated on June 14, 2017

Typically, ad serving involves a client (such as a web browser or app) making requests directly to OpenX. A server-to-server ad call is an alternative implementation where you proxy ad requests: the client talks to an intermediate (third-party) system, which then makes calls to OpenX. This approach applies to any programmatic integrations, such as custom mobile device implementations, custom desktop applications, and other device-to-server scenarios.

There are two approaches for server-to-server ad calls:

Important: Proxied ad requests do not comply with some IAB specifications. Work with your OpenX Account Manager to ensure a complete and proper integration via server-to-server ad calls.

To ensure that ad serving features (such as frequency cappingUsing cookies to track the impression count of ads served and stop any given ad being shown to a single visitor more than the set number of times. and targeting) work properly, follow these guidelines when making server-to-server ad calls: