Implementing standalone ad tags

Regardless of the standalone ad tagA small piece of code that defines the ad space where ads display on a website. It includes parameters that describe the inventory advertising campaigns can target, which may in turn display ads in the ad space. implementation that you use (that is, using static methods, using instance methods, or for tags running on another server), the way that you include the ad tag in your website source code is the same.

To implement a standalone ad tag:

  1. Generate your ad tag in the OpenX UI, via the OpenX API, or manually using the information in this help section.

  2. Copy the ad tag.

  3. Paste the ad tag in your website source code. You need to paste your ad tag between the HTML body tags, where you want the ad to display.

The JavaScript request structure must:

(Optional) OpenX provides a parameter for JavaScript tags to avoid potential namespace collisions.