Launching the demo app

Last updated on October 5, 2017

The OpenX Mobile Android SDK demo app provides the following:

  • An implementation guide for various types of ad units.

  • A way to test mobile ad units on supported Android devices.

To launch the OpenX Android demo app from your integrated development environment (IDE):

  1. Download the zip file, expand it, and open the demo app directory.

    Upon running the project, the Get Started screen is displayed:

    OpenX intro mobile screen
  2. Tap Get Started.

    A set of ad types is displayed:

  3. Tap an ad type.

    For example, if you click Banner Ads, the following screen is displayed:

    OpenX mobile standard ads screen
  4. When you tap an ad type, a sample ad of that type is displayed.

    Parameters screen:

    OpenX mobile login