MRAID settings

Last updated on August 23, 2017

OpenX Mobile Android SDK allows you to disable some Mobile Rich MediaAd technology that features more refined images as well as audio and video in the ad. Rich media ads frequently allow visitors to interact with a banner without leaving the page on which it appears (e.g., movie ads that expand and play a trailer on the host page). Ad Interface (MRAIDMobile Rich Ad Interface Definitions, a type of API framework for interfacing between an ad creative and native mobile capabilities.) function calls. For example, you can prevent an MRAID ad from performing actions such as making phone calls or sending SMS messages. For details about what you can disable, see the Access to Native Features section of the MRAID 2.0 specification.

To disable an MRAID function, add the following code to your project before creating an ad:

OXSettings.setDisabledSupportFlags(OXSettings. TEL | OXSettings. CALENDAR);

To disable multiple functions, separate desired function flags with the pipe symbol (|). Use the following flags to disable the corresponding functionality:

  • OXSettings.CALENDAR


  • OXSettings.SMS


  • OXSettings.TEL

Note: The changes are reflected in all subsequent ad calls and need to be set only once.