OpenX Bidder for Apps setup checklist

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Step 1: Ad server setup

See: Ad server setup

☐ Provide OpenX with MoPub access

☐ Provide OpenX with MoPub ad units and formats

☐ Provide OpenX with MoPub reporting access

☐ Provide OpenX with network priorityIndicates which deal or line item should take precedence in the case that multiple deals or line items are eligible to serve for a given ad request. in which line items should be built

☐ OpenX to build orders and line items

Step 2: Adapter integration

☐ Android – See Android adapter integration

☐ iOS – See iOS adapter integration

Step 3: Self-testing

See: Bidder for Apps self-testing

☐ Verify correct domain

☐ Verify correct MoPub ad units are opted into integration

☐ Verify successful ad requestCommunication from a web browser or app to an ad server to display an ad. with successful house ad response

☐ Verify successful ad request with successful Exchange ad response

☐ Complete self-testing via Charles proxy:

Step 4: OpenX testing

☐ Provide OpenX with TestFlight for iOS/test app for Android

☐ OpenX to QA test app/TestFlight

☐ OpenX to verify successful passing of keywords

☐ OpenX to verify no significant reporting discrepancies

Step 5: Production integration

☐ Have your OpenX representative review the final version of the app and remove any house adsAds that promote the host website’s features and services. They are a way to fill unsold inventory. from testing

☐ Remove any test ad units

☐ Confirm your launch date with your OpenX representative prior to submitting to the app store. OpenX to give final approval for production.