OpenX Bidder for Apps iOS adapter integration

Last updated on July 6, 2017

Use these instructions to integrate the OpenX BidderOpenX's header bidding solution. Bidder enables publishers to realize the true value of their direct and indirect inventory in real time. "Bidder" can also mean a program designed to bid in real time on inventory in the OpenX Ad Exchange. adapter for iOS apps with MoPub. To get a download of the adapter, please contact your OpenX representative.

Technical requirements

  • iOS 8.0+. Beta versions are not supported.
  • Xcode (most recent version). Beta versions are not supported.
  • OpenX domain (for example, provided by your OpenX Account Manager.
  • iOS SDK zip file provided by your OpenX Account Manager.

There are two ways you can integrate OpenX Bidder for Apps into your app:

  • OXMQueuedBidderManager (recommended) - This class handles prefetch and queueing of a number of ads on your behalf.
  • OXMBidderManager - This class offers more control for how and when to fetch ads. You are responsible for adding any prefetching/caching logic on your own.

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