ad object

The functional unit that displays in the ad space and which represents the message that an advertiser wants an end-user to view

The ad object has the following calls:



DELETE /ad Delete the specified ads.
DELETE /ad/ad_UID Delete the specified ad.
GET /ad List all ads.
GET /ad/ad_UID Read the specified ad.
GET /ad/available_fieldstype_full=ad.type List the available fields to create or update an ad object of the specified type. Open ad object example 1
GET /ad/performance/ad_UID Get performance metrics for the specified ad within the (optional) date range.


  • start_date

    • A specific date in yyyy-mm-dd HH:MM:SS format


    • An integer for the days backward from today. For example, 7 means "seven days ago" and 0 means "starting today" (inclusive).

  • end_date

    • A specific date in yyyy-mm-dd HH:MM:SS format


    • A negative integer for the days from now. For example, -7 means "until seven days from now" and 0 means "before today" (exclusive).

POST /ad Create one or more ads.
POST /ad/ad_UID/clone Create a copy of the specified ad.
POST /ad/ad_UID/recycle Restart the specified ad.
POST /ad/ad_UID/stop Pause the specified ad.
PUT /ad Update the specified ads.
PUT /ad/ad_UID Update the specified ad.

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