The OpenX Platform API provides the following types of resources:

  • Objects. Support CRUD operations using the following HTTP verbs:

    • POST. Create the specified item

    • GET. Read a representation of the resource

    • PUT. Update the specified item

    • DELETE. Delete the specified item

  • Services. Support only read operations (i.e., GET)

For a list of resources, see the API reference.

To access a resource, construct a request according to the following URI format:

method base_URI/resource/identifier?parameter&parameter


  • method is an HTTP method, such as GET.

  • base-URI is your OpenX server name, or admin hostname. This is the same name you see when you log in to the UI.

  • resource is the name of an API object or service.

  • identifier may provide a UID or a request for specific values if needed.

  • ?parameter indicates the first URI parameter string.

  • &parameter is an additional URI parameter string.

For example, in the call GET http://openx_server_name/ox/4.0/user/available_fields?action=create

  • GET is the method.

  • http://openx_server_name/ox/4.0/ is the base URI. The relative path /4.0/ indicates that your are using version 4 of the Platform API. If your base URI includes /3.0/, this API guide does not apply to your instance.

  • user is an API resource.

  • available_fields indicates a specific a request for information about the object's fields.

  • ?action=create is a URI parameter string indicating that the request is for fields available upon the object's creation.