options service

The options service retrieves data for the specified options key. It has the following call:

GET /options/options_key

Option keys are sometimes included in responses from available_fields calls to indicate that more information is available. For example, the account_uid field in the response for a GET /account/available_fields request shows "url": "/options/account_options". When you make that call to the options service, the response includes all the account_uid values available for your account.

Sample GET /options/account_options request and response:


curl -X GET http://openx_server_name/ox/4.0/options/account_options --cookie "openx3_access_token=token_string"


	"id": "6003be14-accf-fff1-8123-0c9a66", 
	"name": "advertiser_account_1", 
	"object": "account"
	"id": "6002e785-accf-fff1-8123-0c9a66", 
	"name": "advertiser_account_2", 
	"object": "account"
	"id": "60022e94-accf-fff1-8123-0c9a66", 
	"name": "regular_advertiser", 
	"object": "account"

Similarly, if you make a GET /options/country_options request, the response includes a list of all the available country_of_business values. In this way, you can query the Ad ServerA complete digital advertising platform where publishers sell, manage, and deliver their advertising inventory across all digital formats. to reference any field values you may need.