eventfeed service

The eventfeed service retrieves transaction-level delivery data for various ad serving events. For details, see working with event-level feeds.

Note: Accessing event-level feeds requires a specific OpenX configuration. For details, contact your OpenX Account Manager.

The eventfeed service has the following calls:

Call Description
GET /eventfeed/available_fields?type=event_feed_type&range=number&format=format_type. List the available data sets for the specified eventfeed calls, such as click or impressionA single display of an ad on a web page, mobile app, or other delivery medium. For deals, impression is a metric to relay the total number of ads that have served. See also billable impression, forecasted impressions.. For more details, see Listing available files for an event feed and available fields.
GET /eventfeed/fetch Download files for the specified event feed. For details, see downloading the event feed file.
GET /eventfeed/schema Retrieve a schema file for the specified event. For details, see event feed file format.