floorrule object

The floorrule object allows you to manage selling rules regarding the minimum price you are willing to accept for ad space and related details. It has the following calls:

Call Description
DELETE /floorrule Delete the specified floorThe minimum price a publisher is willing to accept for a given impression. rules.
DELETE /floorrule/floor_rule_UID Delete the specified floor rule.
GET /floorrule List all floor rules.
GET /floorrule/available_fields List the available fields to create or update a floor rule.
GET /floorrule/export Export data in CSV format for all floor rules.

Tip: If a floor rule is associated with a custom targetingA targeting dimension that describes custom key-value pairs that a publisher defines based on what they know about their visitors. selection and not a saved package, its package_name and package_description values in the downloaded CSV file say "Private Selection." The corresponding Package Name entry in the UI says "Custom."

GET /floorrule/floor_rule_UID Read the specified floor rule.
POST /floorrule Create a floor rule.
POST /floorrule/floor_rule_UID/clone Clone the specified floor rule.
PUT /floorrule Update the specified floor rules.
PUT /floorrule/floor_rule_UID Update the specified floor rule.

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