optimization object

The optimization object represents real-time selling rules with fields for targeting criteriaThe rules that define how a creative should be targeted for delivery to viewers. There are several types of targeting criteria: audience targeting, custom targeting, geographic targeting, inventory and content targeting, screen type (delivery media) targeting, and technology and devices targeting., minimum prices, advertiser and content filters, and so on. It has the following calls:

Call Description
DELETE /optimization Delete the specified optimizations.
DELETE /optimization/optimization_UID Delete the specified optimization.
GET /optimization List all optimizations.
GET /optimization/available_fields List the available fields to create or update an optimization.
GET /optimization/optimization_UID Read the specified optimization.
POST /optimization Create an optimization.
POST /optimization/optimization_UID/clone Clone the specified optimization.
PUT /optimization Update the specified optimizations.
PUT /optimization/optimization_UID Update the specified optimization.