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package object

The package object represents specific inventoryAd space available on a website or app. The basic unit of inventory for OpenX is an ad unit. associated with one or more deals, such as a site sectionA way of classifying inventory, for example into vertical segments of content., content categories, ad sizes, page positions, and so on. It has the following calls:

Call Description
DELETE /package Delete the specified packages.
DELETE /package/package_UID Delete the specified packageA bundle of targeting criteria for similar inventory segments which you can offer at a predetermined price (typically to facilitate regular sales efforts) and automatically create line items from in OpenX..
GET /package List packages.
GET /package/available_fields List the available fields to create or update a package.
GET /package/package_UID Read the specified package.
GET /package/package_UID/list_deals List deals for the specified package.
GET /package/package_UID/list_floorrules List floorThe minimum price a publisher is willing to accept for a given impression. rules for the specified package.
POST /package Create one or more packages.
POST /package/package_UID/clone Clone the specified package.
PUT /package Update the specified packages.
PUT /package/package_UID Update the specified package.

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