session service

Last updated on January 11, 2018

The session service allows communication between OpenX and a user when the user logs in, interacts with, and logs out of the system. For more details, see authentication.

Logging into OpenX

GET /session

Log into OpenX.

Sample request

curl --cookie "openx3_access_token=token_string"

Sample response

   "account": {
   "custom_css": "",
   "locale": "en_US",
   "acl_mapping": {
   "instance": {
   "user": {
   "sso_domain": "",
   "api_version": ""

Response data

Parameter Description


Details of the network or publisherAn account type that represents a business with ad space to sell. account. Information like timezone, currency, and creation date are returned.


Access and permissions of a user.


Version of the API.


Internal OpenX use. CSS detailing header color and logo customizations made within the UI.


Details of the customer UI. Information like the global timezone (which an account can inherit), and delivery hostname/domain are returned.


User selected language for the UI. This is set in the user settings.

To list all valid locale values, call GET /options/local_languages.

Current valid values:

  • de_DE = German.
  • en_US = English/United States.
  • fr_FR = French.
  • ja_JP = Japanese.

Default: en_US

In the UI, the Locale field.


OpenX domain of the UI instance.


Details the user. Information like the user's name, ID, and creation date are returned.

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Logging out of OpenX

DELETE /session

Logout from OpenX.

Sample request

curl -X DELETE --cookie "openx3_access_token=token_string"

Sample response


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