Ad Quality

Last updated on January 24, 2019

OpenX is a TAG certified company whose ad qualityClosedSettings that control the types of ads that can display on your inventory. efforts provide participating publishers, demand partners, and advertisers a safe, transparent marketplace.

Ad quality guidelines

OpenX has defined policies that govern the types of ads that are acceptable within OpenX Ad Exchange. These policies are explained in the OpenX Ad Exchange Demand Policies. Listed below are examples of actions that OpenX does not allow:

OpenX safeguards

To ensure that partners adhere to OpenX Ad Exchange policies, OpenX takes the following additional steps:

  • Scans all ad creatives in OpenX Ad Exchange with its proprietary scanner.
  • Uses third-party vendors (The Media Trust and GeoEdge) to scan ads for malware and redirects, and to autoblock violating creatives.
  • Staffs a dedicated ad quality team that ensures all ads are scanned and meet OpenX Ad Exchange ad quality standards. This team also provides 24/7 support for ad quality complaints.
  • Rigorously vets new buyers during their onboarding process into OpenX Ad Exchange.

Ad quality tools for publishers

Note: Some features mentioned here may not be available in your region or based on your user roleClosedA grouping of user capabilities that describe the tasks a user can perform in OpenX.. For more information, please visit the OpenX Support Community.

OpenX provides the following tools to adjust ad filters and investigate ads in real time.



Ad quality filters

Control the ads that display on your inventoryClosedAd space available on a website or app. The basic unit of inventory for OpenX is an ad unit..

S2S OpenRTB fields

Set ad quality filters using badv, bcat, and battr.

Ad quality resources

If you have an ad quality issue, refer to the following articles for assistance: