Adding creatives

Add creatives so that you can use them when you create ads for line items. Each creativeThe media asset associated with an ad, such as an image or video file. represents a media asset that you may use in your ads.

To add a creative:

  1. Click the Orders tab.

  2. Click the Creatives subtab and then click Create Creative.

    This opens the Create Creative screen where you need to specify details for the new creative.

  3. In the Name field, type in a name for the creative. This name must be unique within the instance of OpenX.

  4. In the Ad Type list, specify the type of creative that you are setting up. Select one of the following:

    • File. This creative uses an image file.

    • HTML. This creative uses HTML code.

  5. Specify the file location or the HTML code for the creative.

    • For a file, choose one of the following:

      • Local. If the file is local to your system, browse to the location of the file. The maximum allowable file size is 10 MB, but smaller file sizes results in faster delivery.

      • Remote. If the creative file is remote, type in the URL for the location of the file.

    • For HTML, specify the following details:

      • Size. Select a size for the HTML creative.

        For a list of supported sizes, see ad sizes.

      • Source. Type or paste in the source code for the HTML creative.

  6. (Optional) Specify the following details for the creative:

  7. Click Create. This saves the creative and updates the list.

This topic applies to Ad Server.