Creating ad unit groups

Create an ad unit groupA collection of ad units where related ads display together at the same time. for each known collection of ad units (of the same Ad Unit Type) that you want to bundle as a template to support companion positioning of web, video, and mobile ads.

To add an ad unit group:

  1. Open the view site screen for the siteAn OpenX component that represents top-level domains or subdomains and is used to organize ad units. Sites enable you to target and report on inventory performance. you want to bundle ad units for and click the Ad Unit Groups tab.

  2. Click Create Ad Unit Group.

  3. In the Name field, enter a unique name (within the site) for the ad unitThe smallest inventory component that represents the space on a site where ads display. group.

  4. In the Ad Unit Group Type list, select one of the following:

    If you select the Linear Video or Non-linear Video Ad Unit Group Type, any companion ad unitsIn an ad unit group, the ad units to serve ads for when the master ad unit wins an impression. must have an Ad Unit Type of Video CompanionAn ad that serves in conjunction with a video ad and is located outside of the video player..

  5. In the Master Ad UnitThe ad unit that anchors ad delivery for an ad unit group when a companion line item wins the impression for the master ad unit. The remaining ad units are filled with ads from the companion line item, as appropriate, based on the line item’s Companion Delivery Mode. See ad delivery mode. list, select the ad unit that will anchor the ad unit group. Ad units of the same type as the ad unit group are displayed.

  6. Click in the Companion Ad Units field and select the ad units that you want to include in this ad unit group. For web ad unit groups, only web ad units display in this list. For video ad unit groups, only video companion ad units display in this list. For mobile ad unit groups, only mobile ad units display in this list.

  7. (Optional) Specify the following details for the ad unit group:

  8. Do one of the following to complete ad unit group setup:


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