Determining eligible line items based on business rules

As the first step in the ad selection process, OpenX considers business rules based on your account structure.

Within a given network, all advertisers in the network are eligible to run against all inventoryAd space available on a website or app. The basic unit of inventory for OpenX is an ad unit. in the same network.

Advertisers managed directly by ancestor networks are eligible to run on sub-network inventory.

For example, using the following diagram, you can see which advertisers are eligible to serve ads to inventory that belongs to Publisher A. These include any advertiser under Network US (Advertiser B, Advertiser C) and any advertiser directly under the Master Network. Advertisers within Network UK are not eligible to run on inventory owned by Network US publishers. That is, eligible advertisers are Advertiser A, Advertiser B, and Advertiser C.

Eligible line items are limited to:

  • Running line items belonging to:

    • Active orders owned by:

      • Active advertisers.

Thus a user can pause an order and effectively pause all line items that belong to it without having to change the status for each line itemThe primary unit of execution for an order, which represents a specific inventory purchase and the required conditions for ad delivery. individually.

This topic applies to Ad Server.

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