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OpenX Bidder manual DFP setup

Last updated on October 27, 2016

In some instances, the OpenX BidderOpenX's header bidding solution. Bidder enables publishers to realize the true value of their direct and indirect inventory in real time. "Bidder" can also mean a program designed to bid in real time on inventory in the OpenX Ad Exchange. must be set up manually in DFP. This document explains the three steps in this process:

Creating OpenX key-value pairs

Create the oxb key in DFP using the following naming convention and chart below.


For example: oxb=300x250_1000

Key Values
oxb size_0, size_5, size_10, size_15, size_20, size_25, size_30, size_35, size_40, size_45, size_50, size_55, size_60, size_65, size_70, size_75, size_80, size_85, size_90, size_95, size_100, size_110, size_120, size_130, size_140, size_150, size_160, size_170, size_180, size_190, size_200, size_210, size_220, size_230, size_240, size_250, size_260, size_270, size_280, size_290, size_300, size_310, size_320, size_330, size_340, size_350, size_360, size_370, size_380, size_390, size_400, size_410, size_420, size_430, size_440, size_450, size_460, size_470, size_480, size_490, size_500, size_550, size_600, size_650, size_700, size_750, size_800, size_850, size_900, size_950, size_1000, size_1050, size_1100, size_1150, size_1200, size_1250, size_1300, size_1350, size_1400, size_1450, size_1500, size_1550, size_1600, size_1650, size_1700, size_1750, size_1800, size_1850, size_1900, size_1950, size_2000, size_t, size_s

Creating OpenX orders and line items in DFP

  1. Create an order for each ad size that will be used. Use the following naming convention.


    For example: OpenX_MyNewsSite_300x250

  2. For each order, create 90 line items corresponding to each of the 90 bid values.
    1. Use the following naming convention and chart below. The mapping between the VALUE and the bid values is shown in Appendix A: Mapping of OpenX values to line itemThe primary unit of execution for an OpenX order, which represents a specific inventory purchase and the required conditions for ad delivery. price.


      For example: OpenX_MyNewsSite_300x250_1950

      VALUE values
      _0, _5, _10, _15, _20, _25, _30, _35, _40, _45, _50, _55, _60, _65, _70, _75, _80, _85, _90, _95, _100, _110, _120, _130, _140, _150, _160, _170, _180, _190, _200, _210, _220, _230, _240, _250, _260, _270, _280, _290, _300, _310, _320, _330, _340, _350, _360, _370, _380, _390, _400, _410, _420, _430, _440, _450, _460, _470, _480, _490, _500, _550, _600, _650, _700, _750, _800, _850, _900, _950, _1000, _1050, _1100, _1150, _1200, _1250, _1300, _1350, _1400, _1450, _1500, _1550, _1600, _1650, _1700, _1750, _1800, _1850, _1900, _1950, _2000, _t, _s
    2. Set the Type, End time, and Limit of the line item using the settings illustrated in the image below.

      Screenshot of Type, End time, and Limit fields

    3. Adjust the Rate and Value CPMCost per mille, a pricing method which calculates cost based on the number of impressions (per 1000). in DFP to reflect the CPM values of each line item. These values should correspond to the line item name.
    4. Add the OpenX key-value pair appropriate for the ad unitIn OpenX, the smallest inventory component that represents the space on a site where ads display. size and value (bid price level).
    5. Repeat steps a-d for each of the 90 line items.

Adding the OpenX Bidder creative tag

  1. Under each line item, create 5 creatives using the following OpenX Bidder creative tag. This ensures that a creative will be served if there are multiple instances of the same ad size slot on the same page.

    <script type='text/javascript' id='oxb_%%CACHEBUSTER%%'> 
    !function (a) {   
       var iframe_name =;
       var OXB = a.parent.oxhbjs ? a.parent.oxhbjs : a.parent.OX && a.parent.OX.dfp_bidder;   
       if (!iframe_name) {     
          var iframes = a.parent.document.getElementsByTagName('iframe');     
          for (var i = 0; i < iframes.length; ++i) {       
             try {         
                var d = iframes[i].contentDocument || iframes[i].contentWindow.document || iframes[i].document;         
                if (d === a.document) {           
                   iframe_name = iframes[i].name;           
             } catch (e) {}     
       OXB && OXB.showAd(iframe_name, %%PATTERN:TARGETINGMAP%%, a); 
    if (window.OX && window.OX.dfp_bidder) {   
       var scriptTag = document.getElementById('oxb_%%CACHEBUSTER%%');   
       var parentTag = scriptTag.parentNode;      
       OX.dfp_bidder.showAdSync(, %%PATTERN:TARGETINGMAP%%, window) 
  2. Uncheck Serve into a SafeFrame for each creative occurrence. If this setting is not unchecked, the OpenX impressionA single display of an ad on a web page, mobile app, or other delivery medium. See also billable impression, forecasted impressions. beaconAn element on a publisher’s website that is invisible to users while it gathers information. AKA “tracking pixels.” will not fire, which will result in discrepancy and billing issues.

    Serve into a SafeFrame screenshot

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