Setting up competitive exclusions

Last updated on October 18, 2016

In many cases, advertisers do not want their ads to display on the same webpage as a competitor's ads. To support this, set competitive exclusions for advertiser accounts that share the same managing accountThe account relationship established between a container account (parent) and its sub-accounts (children), which provides the parent account full read and write access its managed accounts.. You do this on the Competitors tab in the View Account screen.

Note: OpenX only honors your competitive exclusions for ad unit groupA collection of ad units where related ads display together at the same time. requests and multi-ad unit requests.

To set competitive exclusions:

  1. Open the View Account screen for the advertiser account that you want to set up competitive exclusions for. Then click the Competitors tab.

  2. Click Create Account Competitor. This displays the Create Account Competitor screen.

  3. Click in the Competitor Accounts field to display a list of advertiser accounts that may be competitors. Alternatively, start typing in an account name to narrow the results in the list. Select the account that you want to add as a competitor. You can specify multiple advertiser accounts.

  4. Click Save. The competitive relationship displays in the list on the Competitors tab in the View Account screen.

To manage the competitive exclusions for your advertisers on the Competitors tab, you can:

  • Click the Delete icon to remove the selected account as a competitor.

  • Click the link for the competitor's account to open its View Account screen (Competitors tab).

This topic applies to Ad Server.

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