Copying orders

Copy orders to quickly create a new one with all of its attribute settings. Before you copy an order, consider the following:

  • Guarantees must be reserved again.

  • Duplicate objects are initially created in a pending state. You must manually activate them.

  • OpenX does not copy the End Date setting for an expired order. That is, if you copy an expired order, the end date for the order copy is initially blank. After you copy the expired order, you need to change the End Date setting.

To copy an order:

  1. Open the view advertiser screen for the account that you want to copy an order for.

  2. In the list of orders, click the Copy icon for the order you want to copy.

  3. In the confirmation screen, click OK.

    This copies the order, and all of its objects (that is, line items and ads). OpenX assigns a name to the order copy using the format:

    Copy of <date> <time> of <Order Name>


    <date> represents the copy date using the format: YYYY-MM-DD, <time> represents the time of the copy using the format: HH:MM:SS, and <Order Name> represents the name of the original order.

    A confirmation message appears above the list of orders.

    OpenX creates the order copy in a pending state. You can manually change the order status to active and rename the copy directly in the list of orders.

This topic applies to Ad Server. This topic applies to SSP. Most SSP activities are completed by OpenX.