Deleting piggyback beacons

Delete piggyback beacons that you no longer use with your conversion tagsA small piece of code that tracks how users respond to the ads that serve for the orders they are associated with.. Before you delete a piggyback beaconA named code snippet returned to the browser when a user triggers another beacon it is associated with., consider that you will no longer have access to view or manage the deleted beaconAn element on a publisher’s website that is invisible to users while it gathers information. AKA “tracking pixels.”.

You can delete an individual beacon, or you can delete multiple piggyback beacons at once.

To delete an individual piggyback beacon:

  1. Open the view conversion tag screen for the conversion tag that you want to remove a beacon for, and then click the Beacons tab.

  2. In the list of piggyback beacons, click the delete icon for the beacon you want to remove.

  3. In the confirmation screen that appears, click OK. This removes the piggyback beacon from the list. Alternatively, click Cancel to quit the delete operation.

This topic applies to Ad Server.