Editing creatives

Change the settings for creatives that you have access to, as necessary. For example, you might want to change the status of a creativeThe media asset associated with an ad, such as an image or video file., or the name or source for the creative.

You change creative details in the edit creative screen for the creative you want to change. In addition, you can change the name for a creative directly in the list of creatives.

To edit a creative:

  1. Open the view creative screen for the creative you want to change.

  2. Click the edit icon. This opens the edit creative screen.

  3. Change any of the following settings for the creative, as necessary:

    • Name. Type in a new name for the creative.

    • Creative Type. Change the type for the creative (File or HTML), or specify a new file (Local or Remote) or HTML code for the creative.

    • External IdentifierA free-form reference ID. For example, "Debbie's Account.". Type in a new ID that references an external system you have integrated with OpenX.

    • Notes. Type in additional information for the creative.

  4. Click Save.

This topic applies to Ad Server.