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Editing ad unit groups

After you create an ad unit group, you can change any of its settings.

You change ad unit groupA collection of ad units where related ads display together at the same time. details in the Edit Ad UnitIn OpenX, the smallest inventory component that represents the space on a site where ads display. Group screen. In addition, you can change the name or status for an ad unit group directly in the list of ad unit groups, or you can change the status of multiple ad unit groups at once.

To edit an ad unit group:

  1. Open the View Ad Unit Group screen for the ad unit group you want to change, and then click the edit icon. This opens the Edit Ad Unit Group screen.

  2. Change the settings for the ad unit group as necessary.

  3. Click Save. This updates the ad unit group and returns you to the previous screen. A confirmation message appears above the list of ad unit groups.

This topic applies to Ad Server.

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