Editing sites

After you create a siteAn OpenX component that represents top-level domains or subdomains and is used to organize ad units. Sites enable you to target and report on inventory performance., you can change various settings for it. These include:

You are not able to change any other site settings after you create a site.

You change details in the edit site screen for the site you want to modify. In addition, you can change some site details directly in the list of sites, or you can change the status of multiple sites at once.

To edit a site:

  1. Open the view site screen for the site you want to change.

  2. Click the edit icon. This opens the edit site screen.

  3. Change any of the editable settings for the site, as necessary.

  4. Click Save. This updates the site and returns you to the previous screen. A confirmation message appears at the top of the screen.

This topic applies to Ad Server. This topic applies to Ad Exchange. This topic applies to Programmatic Direct. This topic applies to SSP. Most SSP activities are completed by OpenX.