Flexible ad units

May 3, 2017

You can set up OpenX ad units to accept creatives of more than one size. This is referred to as flexible ad units.

How flexible ad units can help you

The following diagrams demonstrate how flexible ad units work.

This diagram demonstrates the bids a single-size ad unit might get:

In the following diagram, the same ad unit can now accept two sizes. By attracting more demand for this ad unit, you have increased the ad unit's value.

Common ad unit size pairings

Flexible ad unit ad tag compatibility

You can use flexible ad units with Image and Javascript tags. Flexible ad units will also work when these tags are served into friendly iframes.

How to set up flexible ad units

  1. Identify an ad unit that can accept multiple creative sizes, making sure that your web page can adjust for those different sizes.

  2. Find and open the ad unit in OpenX. The primary size should be selected in the Ad Unit Size dropdown list.

  3. Add one or more secondary sizes to the ad unit:

    1. In the ad unit, select Include additional ad unit sizes.

    2. In the Additional Ad Unit Sizes box, start typing to find and select the secondary sizes that you want this ad unit to accept.

  4. Save the ad unit.

  5. If you are using OpenX Ad ServerA complete digital advertising platform where publishers sell, manage, and deliver their advertising inventory across all digital formats., you do not need to do anything else to traffic the modified ad unit. However, if you are using a different ad server, you need to target all of the sizes of this ad unit when trafficking your OpenX ad tagA small piece of code that defines the ad space where ads display on a website. It includes parameters that describe the inventory advertising campaigns can target, which may in turn display ads in the ad space..

    For example, this may include adding the additional sizes to the line item and creative in your ad server.

    This also means that if you convert an OpenX ad tag from normal to Flex, the ad tag will need to be re-trafficked in your outside ad server.

  6. Make sure your siteAn OpenX component that represents top-level domains or subdomains and is used to organize ad units. Sites enable you to target and report on inventory performance. or app supports the flex sizes you've chosen.
  7. If you are using the ad size in your naming conventions, you may want to update the names of your ad units, line items, and creatives accordingly.

Flexible ad unit FAQs

This topic applies to Ad Server. This topic applies to Ad Exchange. This topic applies to Programmatic Direct. This topic applies to SSP. Most SSP activities are completed by OpenX.