Creating floors

Pricing controlA tool for the creation and management of floors. floors can be built using resusable packages of inventoryAd space available on a website or app. The basic unit of inventory for OpenX is an ad unit., which you define while creating a floorThe minimum price a publisher is willing to accept for a given impression..

To create a floor:

  1. Select Pricing Controls from the main navigation bar.

  2. Click Create Floor.

    The Create Floor screen is displayed. You can follow the sequence of the steps on the screen, but it is not required.

  3. Enter floor details, including the name, floor price, flight datesAn interval that specifies the maximum life span of a line item. If its impression goal is met before the end of the flight, the line item becomes unavailable. Flight dates must fall within order dates., and reason. The reason is for your information only, and does not affect how the floor works.

  4. Identify the inventory for this floor by doing one of these:

  5. Associate one or more demand partners, buyers, and brandsA name that represents the product or service being advertised, such as Tide. with the floor if needed. Otherwise, the floor will apply to all real-time bids in the open auction for this inventory.

  6. Click Create.

    The floor is saved and displayed on the Pricing Controls tab.

This topic applies to Ad Exchange. This topic applies to SSP. Most SSP activities are completed by OpenX.