Targeting templates for forecasting

From the Targeting Templates tab, you can create new targeting templates to apply to forecasts.

Targeting templates enable you to group multiple targeting criteriaThe rules that define how a creative should be targeted for delivery to viewers. There are several types of targeting criteria: audience targeting, custom targeting, geographic targeting, inventory and content targeting, screen type (delivery media) targeting, and technology and devices targeting. under one template for easy use and convenient reuse. You can select an existing targeting template when choosing forecast targeting dimensions rather than defining new targeting criteria for each forecast.

If targeting templates are enabled for your account, a list of the targeting templates you have created is displayed on the Admin > Targeting Templates tab. If you have network admin privileges, you can create, edit, apply, and deactivate targeting templates; otherwise, you may only be able to read the details and apply existing targeting templates. If you previously used targeting rules, they have been migrated to targeting templates.

See Targeting Templates to learn how to create targeting templates that you can use for forecasting.

This topic applies to Ad Server. This topic applies to SSP. Most SSP activities are completed by OpenX.