Getting started with OpenX Mobile

Last updated on July 20, 2018

OpenX Mobile provides the following mobile appSynonymous with mobile. Refers to the use of an app via a mobile device, specifically to differentiate from mobile web. integration options:


Ad tags

Quickly access the power of the OpenX Ad Exchange with our mobile-optimized tags that are easy to integrate and require no developer resources. OpenX ad tags support bannerThis is an ad that appears on a web page which is typically hyperlinked to an advertiser’s website. Banners can be images (GIF, JPEG, PNG), JavaScript programs or multimedia objects (For example, Java). and interstitialA full-screen ad displayed in content transitions. For example, a video ad that loads between levels of a mobile game. ads on DFP and MoPub, and MRAIDMobile Rich Ad Interface Definitions, a type of API framework for interfacing between an ad creative and native mobile capabilities. on DFP.

Server-to-server ad calls

There are two server-to-server integration methods for apps:

TBD combine with mobile ad requests and rewrite.

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