Header bidding solutions

Last updated on May 31, 2017

OpenX supports two types of header biddingA monetization tool that exposes each impression to programmatic demand before calling the ad server. This lets publishers realize the true value of their direct and indirect inventory in real time. solutions that enable publishers to programmatically increase yield: OpenX BidderOpenX's header bidding solution. Bidder enables publishers to realize the true value of their direct and indirect inventory in real time. "Bidder" can also mean a program designed to bid in real time on inventory in the OpenX Ad Exchange. and adapters for third-party containers.

Note: Some features mentioned here may not be available in your region or based on your user roleA grouping of user capabilities that describe the tasks a user can perform in OpenX.. For more information, please contact your OpenX representative.

OpenX Bidder

OpenX Bidder is a monetization tool that boosts the performance of your ad serverA complete digital advertising platform where publishers sell, manage, and deliver their advertising inventory across all digital formats. by utilizing the power of the OpenX programmatic marketplace to dynamically increase competition and provide price support for each impressionA single display of an ad on a web page, mobile app, or other delivery medium. For deals, impression is a metric to relay the total number of ads that have served. See also billable impression, forecasted impressions..

Third-party containers

Header bidder containers allow publishers to manage multiple header bidder partners through a single solution. OpenX supports third-party containers through creating container-specific adapters.

OpenX Bidder for Apps

OpenX Bidder for Apps is a tagless solution that allows you to better monetize your mobile appSynonymous with mobile. Refers to the use of an app via a mobile device, specifically to differentiate from mobile web. inventoryAd space available on a website or app. The basic unit of inventory for OpenX is an ad unit..

Next step

If you are interested in using one of OpenX's header bidding solutions, contact your account manager or send an email to headerbidding@openx.com to explore which solution best fits your needs.