Automatically inserting macros for third-party ads (Publishers)

Last updated June 6, 2016

For supported third-party ads, OpenX automatically replaces third-party macrosFor OpenX, a command enclosed in curly braces {} that dynamically inserts attributes into your HTML or third-party ad creatives and click-through URLs when OpenX serves an ad. Other macros, like from your video player, may have alternate formatting. with OpenX macros. When you set up a third-party ad in OpenX, you need to specify the third-party ad serverA complete digital advertising platform where publishers sell, manage, and deliver their advertising inventory across all digital formats. where the ad creativeThe media asset associated with an ad, such as an image or video file. resides. OpenX uses this setting to determine how to insert OpenX macros into the third-party ad tagA small piece of code that defines the ad space where ads display on a website. It includes parameters that describe the inventory advertising campaigns can target, which may in turn display ads in the ad space.. After you specify this setting, OpenX automatically recognizes the third-party macros and replaces them with the associated OpenX macros.

This topic applies to Ad Server. This topic applies to SSP. Most SSP activities are completed by OpenX.