Conversion tags

Last updated on September 25, 2015

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Conversion tagsA small piece of code that tracks how users respond to the ads that serve for the orders they are associated with. are useful in reporting and they track how users respond to the ads that serve for the orders they are associated with. For example, a conversion tag might track if a user initiates a purchase based on their view of an ad, if they sign up for a service, or if they complete a survey. This helps you to monitor the effectiveness of the ads that serve for your orders.

OpenX applies the conversion tags that you set up based on the Conversion Windows settings you specify for the advertisers' orders. You must associate each conversion tag with an order. Once you set up and associate your conversion tags, add the conversion tag to the source code of the website so that it can track what action, if any, a user takes when they click an ad.

To set up a conversion tag for your advertisers through the Orders tab:

  1. Add the conversion tag for the advertiser.

  2. Associate the conversion tag with the advertiser's orders.

  3. Copy and paste the conversion tag into the source code for the advertiser's website.

In addition, you can set up piggyback beacons for your conversion tags, which are additional named code snippets initiated with the conversion tag to return additional information to the browser.

You can:

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