Managing deals

Last updated on November 16, 2017

Important: If you are not a Beta client, please refer to View packages and deals to manage your deals.


The List View allows you to view the non-performance information all your deals in a single view.

To access this view, navigate to Deals > List View.

Viewing deals within the OX UI.

In addition to viewing non-performance deal information, you can perform the following tasks:

Creating deals

Initiate the creation of a new deal.

Duplicating deals

Duplicate (clone) one or multiple deals.

  1. Select one or more deals.
  2. Click the Clone button.

Filtering deals

Filter list of deals by Deal Name, Deal ID, PackageA bundle of targeting criteria for similar inventory segments which you can offer at a predetermined price (typically to facilitate regular sales efforts) and automatically create line items from in OpenX. Name, Status, and/or Deal Type.

  1. Enter the Deal Name or Deal ID in the search window. Deals will be filtered in real-time.
  2. Click the filter icon to reveal Package Name, Status, and Deal Type filtering options.
  3. To filter by Package Name, Status, or Deal Type, click in the selection window and select one or more items.

Sorting deals

Organize deals by clicking a column heading. By default, deals are sorted by the PriorityIndicates which deal or line item should take precedence in the case that multiple deals or line items are eligible to serve for a given ad request. column.

For instance, clicking the Deal Name column heading will sort all the deals alphabetically by name.

Click on any of the column headings listed below to sort the deals.

  • Deal Name
  • Status
  • Deal Type
  • Package Name
  • Priority
  • Price
  • Start Date
  • End Date

Resuming deals

Restart one or multiple deals that have been paused.

  1. Select one or more deals.
  2. Click the Resume button.

Pausing deals

Pause one or multiple deals.

  1. Select one or more deals.
  2. Click the Pause button.

Deleting deals

Delete one or multiple deals.

  1. Select one or more deals.
  2. Click the Delete button.

This topic applies to Ad Exchange. This topic applies to Programmatic Direct.

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