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The Bid Performance Report gives you insights into bid activity based on inventoryAd space available on a website or app. The basic unit of inventory for OpenX is an ad unit., demand, and Private Marketplace deal information. These details help you evaluate both Ad Exchange and Private Marketplace performance.

You can:

To run a Bid Performance Report, navigate to Reports > My Reports > Create Report > Bid Performance Report. To understand what data is available for this report, see How long does OpenX retain report data?

Configure a Bid Performance Report to show as many or as few columns of information as needed. Listed below are the metrics you can include.

Note: This report has a row limit of 275,000. If you are running this report for an extended date range, not all data for the date range may appear in the report. Consider running one-day reports to capture all data.


You can select one or more of the following attributes to appear as columns within your report. You must select at least one attribute.


Metric Description
Publisher Name

Name of the publisherAn account type that represents a business with ad space to sell. account.

Publisher ID

OpenX ID for the publisher.

Site Name

Name of the site.

Site ID

OpenX ID for the site.

Ad Unit

Name of the ad unitThe smallest inventory component that represents the space on a site where ads display..

Ad Unit ID

OpenX ID for the ad unit.

Ad Unit Size

Size of the ad unit.

Delivery MediumThe manner in which an end-user is exposed to ad inventory, such as web or mobile.

Type of inventory or the manner in which a user is exposed to it (for example: web, mobile, email, linear videoA video ad or ad unit that typically appears in a video player before (pre-roll), after (post-roll), or during a break (mid-roll) in the streamed content. In addition to the in-stream format, linear video ad units may include interstitial, out-stream, and opt-in formats. They may also be accompanied by companion ads and include interactive components., or non-linear videoAn ad or ad unit that displays on top of video content in a video player. Can be accompanied by a companion ad. An example is a banner that displays at the bottom of the video player while video content plays.).

Presentation Format

Subcategory of linear video.

Possible values include:

Presentation Subformat

Subcategory of Presentation Format.

For In-stream inventory, the possible values include:

For Out-stream inventory, the possible values include:

  • In-board
  • In-read


Attribute Description
Demand Partner

Name of the entity or DSPDemand-side platform, a platform or provider that allows advertisers to manage multiple ad exchange and data exchange accounts through one interface, often in real time. that submits bids in the OpenX Ad Exchange.

Note: If you select this attribute, the following bid metrics will not be available for your report: Bid CPM, Bid Rate, Bid Requests, Bids, Win CPM, Bid Fill Rate, Win Rate, Eligibility Rate.

Buyer Name

Name of the buyer represented by the Exchange entity or DSP.

Advertiser Name

Advertiser that is represented by the Buyer and owner of the brandA name that represents the product or service being advertised, such as Tide. being advertised. If there is no Advertiser name available, this field may indicate the brand domain.


Domain where the inventory is running (e.g.


Attribute Description
Deal Name

Name of the deal.

Deal ID

External ID for a deal which is assigned by the user.

Deal Type

Type of package offering selected when creating a deal.

Deal PriorityIndicates which deal traffic set should take precedence in the case that multiple deals or line items are eligible to serve for a given ad request.

Number between one and ten that indicates which deal takes precedence when multiple deals are eligible to serve for an ad requestCommunication from a web browser or app to an ad server to display an ad..

Deal FloorThe minimum price a publisher is willing to accept for a given impression.

Price set for the deal.

Deal Source

Party that sources the deal.

Account Executive

Name of the Account Executive if questions exist about the deal.

Account Manager

Name of the Account Manager if questions exist about the deal.

Package Name

Name of the package.

Package ID

OpenX ID of the package.


Attribute Description

Country of the end-user viewing the inventory.

Device Category

Type of electronic device on which the impressionA single display of an ad on a web page, mobile app, or other delivery medium. For deals, impression is a metric to relay the total number of ads that have served. See also billable impression, forecasted impressions. is being displayed.

Possible values are:

  • connected device
  • connected tv
  • desktop
  • mobile/tablet
  • phone
  • set-top-box
  • tablet
  • text

Note: "Phone" refers to a smartphone. "Text" refers to any other feature phone or an unknown device.


Attribute Description

Data summarized by month.


Data summarized by week.


Data summarized by date.


Data summarized by hour.


Attribute Description
Publisher Currency

Currency of the publisher's revenue. In a network where multiple currencies are supported, this allows you to see the currency of the revenue for different publishers.


You can select one or more of the following metrics to appear as columns within your report. You must select at least one metric.

Note: If you have selected the Demand Partner attribute in the Demand group on the previous page, the bid metrics marked with an asterisk will not be available for your report.

Metric Description

Total number of impressions delivered, excluding PSA, house, and companion ads for the selected date range.



Revenue for the account (gross minus OpenX market fees).


Revenue per thousand impressions.

Opportunities Number of eligible bid opportunities sent to the demand partner. An opportunity is counted each time the buyer has a chance to win an impression through either a Private Marketplace deal or through the Ad Exchange open auction. For example, if the buyer was eligible for two deals of different priority, and had the opportunity to bid in both deals because the first deal did not fill the impression, these would be counted as two opportunities. On the other hand, if the buyer wins the impression from the first deal by meeting the deal criteria, then the second deal does not count as an opportunity.
Bid Requests* Number of bid requests sent to the demand partner.
Eligibility Rate* = (Opportunities/Bid Requests).
Bids* Number of positive bids.
Bid Rate* = (Bids/Bid Requests).
Win Rate* = (Impressions/Opportunities).
Bid Fill Rate* = (Impressions/Bid Requests).
Bid CPM* = (Sum of bid amounts for all bids/Bids) x 1000. Average bid for this date range. Includes both winning and losing bids.
Win CPM* = (Sum of bid amounts for all winning bids/Impressions) x 1000. The average winning bid for this date range.

Gross Revenue (Programmatic Direct only)

Gross PMPPrivate marketplace, the packaging, offering, and selling of high quality inventory to a limited set of buyers. revenue before OpenX PMP fees are deducted.

Gross CPM (Programmatic Direct only)

Gross PMP revenue per thousand impressions.

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