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Exchange Revenue Report

Last updated on October 18,, 2017

The Exchange Revenue Report lets you see data on revenue from the OpenX Ad Exchange. If you are using Private Marketplaces, this includes revenue from Private MarketplaceThe packaging, offering, and selling of high quality inventory to a limited set of buyers. Abbreviated as PMP. deals.

You can configure an Exchange Revenue Report to show as many or as few columns as needed.

If you are a network user, if you want to see exchange revenue per publisherAn account type that represents a business with ad space to sell., add the Publisher Name or Publisher ID attribute to the report. Network revenue can also be broken out by sales channel by adding the Sales Channel attribute to the report.

If you are using Private Marketplaces, you can also select Deal fields to break out your report.

To run an Exchange Revenue Report, navigate to Reports > My Reports > Create Report > Revenue Report.

Listed below are definitions for the metrics you can include.

Note: When the date range is set to Today or Yesterday, the Exchange Revenue Report uses near real-time data, and numbers may not match those of preconfigured reports.



Metric Description
Ad Requests The total number of ad requests.
Fill Rate Paid impressions/ad requests.

External Data

Metric Description
Viewability % The viewability rate of the selected inventory. Viewability is calculated based on a sampling of your data.

Device Category reporting

The Exchange Revenue Report has been updated with Device Category (new field) and breakout of Video Ads in existing Delivery MediumThe manner in which an end-user is exposed to ad inventory, such as web or mobile. to provide more insight into revenue and performance for this specific type of inventory. With this updated report, you can better analyze both your Direct and Exchange business.

In Device Category reporting, "phone" is smart phone, and "text" is any other feature phone or an unknown device.

This topic applies to Ad Exchange. This topic applies to Programmatic Direct. This topic applies to SSP. Most SSP activities are completed by OpenX.

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