Price Bands Report

Last updated on November 3, 2016

Use the Price Bands dashboard or your own custom Price Bands Report to gain visibility into the distribution of winning bids that you receive in the OpenX Ad Exchange.

You can:

To run a Price Bands Report, navigate to Reports > My Reports > Create Report > Price Bands Report.

Configure a Price Bands Report to show as many or as few columns of information as needed. Listed below are the metrics you can include.

Price Band Report Metrics

Metric Description
Exchange Revenue Revenue from Ad Exchange
Winning Bids The number of winning bids (paid impressions)
CPMCost per mille, a pricing method which calculates cost based on the number of impressions (per 1000). Revenue per thousand winning bids

This topic applies to Ad Exchange. This topic applies to Programmatic Direct. This topic applies to SSP. Most SSP activities are completed by OpenX.