Scheduling reports

Last updated on July 14, 2017

You can schedule reports to run automatically on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, and have them sent via email to the recipients that you designate. The reports can be delivered as XLSX, PDF, CSV, or HTML. With scheduled reports, you no longer need to log in and run reports or distribute them manually.

As long as there is data returned in the report, the recipients will receive it according to the schedule you designate. If there is no data in the report, no email is sent.

Scheduled reports are delivered before 12 noon in the account time zone. In the event of a processing delay for the prior day's data, scheduled reports will be postponed to preserve data completeness, and a delay notification email will be sent. If the data delay is less than a day, the report is sent when data has been processed. If the data delay exceeds one day, no report is sent.

Best practices for scheduling reports

  • It is recommended not to schedule reports that exceed 20 MB due to typical file size limits of corporate email systems.

    To check whether your report is a manageable size, run and export the report first to test out the file size for the proposed set of data. You can reduce the size of the report by reducing the reporting period or increasing the filters applied to the data. Reducing the number of columns (attributes and metrics) in the report can also reduce the file size.

  • Include yourself as a recipient of the email to confirm delivery of the report. If needed, you can be removed from the email distribution later by editing the saved schedule.

To schedule regular delivery of a report:

  1. In My Reports, click the Calendar icon for a report and then select Create Schedule, or go to Scheduled Reports and click Create Schedule and select a report.

    The Schedule for [report name] screen opens.

  2. Enter the following information:

    • Schedule Name

    • Delivery Format (XLSX, PDF, CSV, or HTML). If you select HTML, the report will be displayed as HTML in the body of the email. Other formats will be delivered as an attachment.

    • Delivery Frequency (daily, weekly, or monthly) and day of the week or month.

    • End Delivery On date if you wish to run this reporting schedule for a limited time. The report will be delivered until the last delivery date before the end date according to the selected frequency interval.

    • Email Information. In addition to To recipients, you can add Cc and Bcc recipients as needed.

    • Make sure to change the Subject and Body of the email to your preferred messaging.

  3. Click Save.

    A message is displayed to confirm that you have created a new schedule. Click OK. The new schedule is in the list of schedules for the report.

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