Report snapshots

Last updated on November 7, 2016

Report snapshots let you view data for reports that you have run in the background. Each Report SnapshotDisplays the status of past report data. includes report data for a specified interval.

Unlike the reports listed in My Reports that run when you click on them, a snapshot only stores the data for a report that has already been run. Its reporting fields and filters cannot be directly edited.

Report snapshots are listed on the My Reports > Report Snapshots tab. You can create, view, delete, and export report snapshots. OpenX retains report data for sixty days. Report snapshots are visible only to you. If you want to share a snapshot, select an export format (such as PDF or CSV) under the Actions menu.

Tip: To create a report snapshot, you must first configure a report and run it so that you can select it.

To create a report snapshot:

  1. Go to My Reports > Report Snapshots.

  2. Click Create Report Snapshot.

    The Create Report Snapshots screen opens.

  3. Select the report for which you want to generate a snapshot.

  4. Click Create Report Snapshot.

  5. Once the report data is ready, you will receive email notification at the address associated with your user account.

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