SSP Revenue Report

Last updated on November 3, 2016

Use this report to see who is buying your inventoryAd space available on a website or app. The basic unit of inventory for OpenX is an ad unit. through SSPSupply-side platform, a platform or provider that allows publishers to manage and optimize revenue for their inventory from multiple sources, often in real time., and how much they are paying for it.

To run an SSP Revenue Report, navigate to Reports > My Reports > Create Report > SSP Revenue Report.

You can configure an SSP Revenue Report to show as many or as few columns of information as needed. Listed below are the metrics you can include.


Metric Description
Revenue How much money your SSP inventory has earned from demand partners
Reported Impressions Number of billable impressions, as reported by third parties, plus market impressions
Projected Impressions Number of impressions projected to have been delivered as reported by OpenX, excluding PSA, house, and companion ads
CPMCost per mille, a pricing method which calculates cost based on the number of impressions (per 1000). Revenue per thousand reported impressions
tCPM Revenue per thousand projected impressions

External Data

This topic applies to SSP. Most SSP activities are completed by OpenX.