Last updated on November 7, 2018

Targeting is used to identify inventoryAd space available on a website or app. The basic unit of inventory for OpenX is an ad unit. to be bought or sold. You may need to set your targeting criteriaThe rules that define how a creative should be targeted for delivery to viewers. There are several types of targeting criteria: audience targeting, custom targeting, geographic targeting, inventory and content targeting, screen type (delivery media) targeting, and technology and devices targeting. when creating and modifying any of the following:

When you create or modify deals or floors, you typically select or create an inventory package and set its targeting criteria. Similarly, when you add line items or run inventory forecasts, you select a targeting template and set its targeting criteria. Alternatively, you may select Custom and set your custom criteria specific to your deal, for example. Regardless of the option you choose to set your targeting criteria, the Targeting page has the same appearance and functionality.


Targeting criteria


Inventory and content

Targets where to serve ads in your inventory, such as sites, sections, and ad units.

Geographic Targets a user's physical location, such as their city or state.
Technology and devices Targets the technologies a user employs in their computing environment, such as their computer's operating system.
Custom Targets custom key-value pairs that you specify.
Audience (if enabled)

Targets specific audience segments that you have predefined. These can be either OpenX audience segments that you have created in OpenX, or segments from a data management platform (DMP), such as Krux.

In order to target third-party audience segments, your DMP must be integrated with OpenX. For more information, please visit the OpenX Support Community.


(only available in deals and packages)

Targets IAB categories.

Screen Type

(only available in packages)

Targets different delivery media, such as mobile, web, or video.
Viewability Targets based on an ad unit's average viewabilityOpenX uses the Media Ratings Council (MRC) definition unless otherwise noted. According to the MRC, display ads are considered viewable if 50% of their pixels are in view for a minimum of one second, two seconds for video. This applies to both desktop and mobile environments. However, in some situations, you may be able to set your own definition. score.


(only available in deals and packages)

Video targeting is in Beta release only. For more information, please contact OpenX.

Targets the attributes of a video, such as rewarded video (opt-in).



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