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Geographic targeting

Last updated November 1, 2017

Target or block specific user locations. For example, you might use geographic targetingA targeting dimension that describes a viewer’s physical location, such as their city or state. to display an airline's ads to users in specific locations. If an airline has an order for discount airfares from Burbank, California, you might target users in Los Angeles to display those ads to them.

When otherwise not available, a user's physical location is determined using a third-party geolocation service to translate a user's IP address into an actual physical location. This process is not always accurate; the more broad the geographic targeting attribute, the more accurate the location translation. That is, targeting based on the continent attribute is more accurate than targeting based on the city attribute. It is possible for plug-ins to determine other methods of geolocation enrichment.

Geographic targeting options

Targeting dimension Operators Options
  • Equals (includes the location in targeting)

  • Does not equal (blocks the location from targeting)

You can also use a combination of including and excluding.

Target or block one or more geographic locations. Type the location to find and select it.

These are the types of locations:

  • Continent

  • Country

  • State

  • Region

  • Designated market area (DMA) code

  • Metropolitan statistical area (MSA) code

  • Postal code

Tip: The maximum number of postal codes you can input is 500 (total).

Location Source

  • Equals (includes the location source in targeting)

  • Does not equal (blocks the location source from targeting)

Target or block one or more of the following location sources:

Bounding BoxA rectangular area defined by latitude and longitude lines, which is used in geographic targeting. Minimum/maximum latitude and minimum/maximum longitude

Set a bounding box based on latitude and longitude.

Valid values for latitude range from -90 (South) to 90 (North), and valid values for longitude range from -180 (West) to 180 (East).

Radius Latitude x longitude : radius Target an area using a latitude, longitude, and radius.

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