When you first log in

When you first log in to OpenX, you see your Dashboard in the main screen. This Dashboard contains user-specific information about any objects that you are responsible for.

In addition to the Dashboard, you will have any of the following links, depending on your level of access:

Important: The links that you see in the main navigation bar depend on your OpenX configuration, account typeIndicates the intended purpose of an account, which determines what objects it can contain and influences what users logged in to the account can do in OpenX. For example, advertiser accounts contain orders, publisher accounts contain inventory, and ad networks contain other accounts., and user permissions. If your view does not contain the features that you need to perform your roleA grouping of user permissions, which, when assigned to a user, defines the tasks that they can perform on behalf of their accounts., contact your account administrator to verify your user access.

This topic applies to Ad Server. This topic applies to Programmatic Direct.